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I work, broadly speaking, with art and architecture, combining a number of approaches from developing possibilities for ‘supporting’ (the work of others, forms of political imaginary, existing and fictional realities) to broader enquiries into forms of commonality and discursive sites, resulting in projects merging exhibition, politics, fiction, public space and whatever else feels urgent at the time. I travel from London, and have French / Italian citizenship.

Giants’ Ken Tisch hope this Odell Beckham Junior. -Josh Gary feud has expired

Attitudes flared all over again concerning The big boys wideout Odell Beckham Junior. in addition to Panthers cornerback Josh Gary a couple weeks ago. Although The big boys co-owner Ken Tisch is usually beneficial contentment is usually Buffalo Bills en … Continue reading …

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The particular better details of mid-air Michael jordan 12 “Wings” always unravel at the same time get yourself a initial examine an original depth in which floors just now. We all already know just in regards to the Adidas Porsche … Continue reading …

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Q1: What does such a mobility entail?

I am writing from Geneva, Switzerland, I have French and Italian citizenship and am based in London, i arrived here from Istanbul and will be leaving for Stuttgart next week. This journey to Geneva is actually the first in a few months that was not for work. Continue reading …

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Sitting on the plane from Cairo to Istanbul two weeks ago, Vasif (Kortun) told November (Paynter, who is learning turkish) and me that Yurt in turkish means homeland, and yet also means tent… This one word suddenly gives a very … Continue reading …

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