Finland: From Graz to Saari via Dortmund

shades of grey: view of the bay near the Saari Residence

Two days ago I arrived at the Saari Residence, 30 km outside Turku in Finland. I have spent only 2 weeks in Germany between the residency at Rondo in Graz and this one. It feels strange to make a new home every few months… The fact that I have moved out of my old appartment before I went to Graz in October to move into a new one with my boyfriend and that I have stored all my belongings in my studio as this new flat is still under renovation, adds to the feeling of – what: freedom and lightness or restlessness and homelessness? Maybe a combination of both. I have been on two consecutive residencies before: Norway and Ireland two years ago. But it didn’t feel the same then as I had my familiar place at home. Now, coming home will be something new too…

But back to the present: My stay at Saari is intended to be a period of reflection on the life-sciences project I started to pursue in Graz, and hopefully production.
There are three aspects I would like to enlarge upon:
The cell as being the biological building block and a highly complex, self-sustaining whole; the first cell differentiation in early embryonic development; and the special role of RNA in the formation of life (RNA world).

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About Rona Rangsch

Rona Rangsch studied physics at the Universities of Cologne and Saarbrücken where she graduated in 1996. After scientific research activities at several renowned institutions she made physics her hobby to start a carreer as a media artist. She was trained in multimedia design at ca-medien.colleg Essen and attended Kunstakademie Düsseldorf as a guest student. Rona was awarded a number of international residency and research grants. Besides exhibiting her own work in Germany and abroad she co-curates the exhibition and residency programs of Künstlerhaus Dortmund where she is a member since 2003. (

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