“I don’t know if time works for me, but i work with him”


… this pronouncement  from Roland (he lives in Koln) from a recent email exchange with him after a very long time…. “TIME”. It seems to echo my sentiments, except in my case time is not a “him” but its a “her”…

Yes its been a while, a year almost, and not that I haven’t had enough to post here or a number of images to share.. but time – well she simply slips by. And, it seemed a bit futile to keep adding to the blog just for the sake of doing so.

Let me think… where have I travelled in the past year – anywhere “EXOTIC”?

Yes, of course, there’s a list of it here:  to the region of Valaise, staying with a friend up in the alps, walking (I’d like to call it “trekking”) to see the Alesch Glacier, meeting “Ricola” cows (yes, Ricola! They were grazing in fields filled with wild alpine flowers just like the ones you see on the sweet packets), grappling with cost of things in Swiss CHF, presenting a “paper” for the AICA conference in Zurich (very strange – usually I draw and/or do other things with paper), visiting documenta, wait, let me spell it right – dOCUMENTA…. Yes, very exotic that…. (never mind all that “art”, what remains in my mind is the most amazing exhibition I visited in Zurich, that of Klaus Lutz – awesome Klaus Lutz and his “The Beauty of my Island”).

After all that clean Alpine air I sniffed Bangkok, home, again  – the traffic, the road side stalls and the dry drains waiting for the monsoon, as I spent the last 2 months settling into my newly acquired studio space. It comes complete with a ghost that is supposedly haunting it. She’s a woman, an Indian woman in a saree, and I haven’t met her yet but I talk with her each day.

The monsoon has arrived and with it the big question – “will it flood this year?”

Each day as I walk to my studio I check the small canal that runs along the street. It is a barometer – if the level is up that means the river tide is high and should it rain really hard, which it does, we are bound to be knee deep in water. If its low, then we should get away with just getting our ankles wet.

I have 2 images – one of the glacier, and the other of the street outside my studio after heavy rains last tuesday. Its like the glacier has melted and arrived on my doorstep.


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Born in Kampala/Uganda, Varsha Nair lives and works in Bangkok/Thailand. Her solo and collaborative works have been exhibited internationally, including at Buka Jalan Performance event/Kuala Lumpur, Beyond Pressure 2/Rangoon, Asiatopia/Bangkok, Open 10/Beijing, Performance Saga/Basel, Tate Modern/London, National Review of Live Art/Glasgow, Devi Art Foundation/New Delhi, Art In General/New York. She is co organiser of Womanifesto, Thailand www.womanifesto.com and editorial board member of web-art journal Ctrl+P www.ctrlp-artjournal.org www.varshashavar.com

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