Blind passanger

Some weeks ago I took a bath, and I had the feeling that a gecko is watching me. I thought, this is impossible. My eyes became more and more bad the last years. But one of the next days I got a big surprise: I realized that I really have a gecko living in my bathroom. I saw him or her walking slowly on the edge of my bathtub. I catched him and tried to put him into a big glass. He ran away. Then I decided to give him back his freedom in my bathroom. I asked specialists about his life circumstances, and tried to make it always warm enough for him. Alfred bought a box with small grasshoppers, and now i have a couple of grasshoppers jumping in my bathroom…..I have no idea how the gecko came with me or with Alfred from Thailand –  a blind passanger. How ever, he survived and now he is living in the Banyan tree or in the heater in my bathroom. It is difficult to see him.

Gecko do not like the flash light

We are still working on the next project – – it will happen in January and February 2013 in Thailand. The Gecko now is one of the connections between the two continents and our upcoming activities.

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