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17. 1. 2012,  Phnom Penh
Back to my poetry, my songs, my voice, my breath, my own speed. Yesterday, i saw some painting by Hellwein in the internet. he made great record covers for Santana, Miles Davies. And i sawsome new paintings from the Phnom Penh artist Tewi. I thought, that makes sence, all this ugliness in her paintings, all these strange details, the black everywhere, these dark secrets and familystories. One year ago i was in Thailand on a small island, and i had a cold, and my sentence gets lost in belonging, searching over the paper, like an halfemty ballon. In my opinion, Bangkok is so mutch more sexy than Phnom Penh. It is so mutch more opening all seances, that i am always shocked when i come back. But the tuck tucks in Phnom Penh are nice. And i like the story from Sopiek, about the old tuck tuck drive, working for the UN some years ago. But then i remember to fresh tamarinds, found at parking spot in from of the National park near Kanchanaburi in Thailand, regional cultural center for to fat Thais not able anymore to walk to far from their fancy fourwheel cars. Oh, i love Thailand. Laying on the bed, after the H-O-P-E workshop.I listened to the music of THE LAST POETS, mother of rap at the times of Soul, first it sounds great, but then it is repeating endless. But i like this kind of language, like Patti Smith, a monolog without ending, a praying, like the video artist David Larcher fulldrunken.

22. 1. 2012, Phnom Penh
Yesterday evening was the final presentation of the H-O-P-E workshop. It was well visited, because it was also a meeting of the new founded club of cambodian filmmakers. So, we had a very good public, too. Special applause got the films “La Mission”, “” and of cause all th cambodian contributions “Worlds Heritage”, What´s the difference” and “Global Warming”.

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