More ideas for H-O-P-E

15. 2. 2012 Ferry from Una Una to Wakai
More ideas for the H-O-P-E installation:
1. Around the video screen the exhibition room is surrounded with a swarm of small black ink drawings, framed with black frames.
2. The x-ray spotlighted wall painting is getting local sound loops, related to its areas.
3. Searching for more school book illustrations about UN history, looking for pictures of clorification of the UN, similarities to the painting.
4. Jesus with stretched armes, like a traffic police man.
5. Research about relations of United Nations history to offshore business paradises like for example Nauru.

Yesterday evening, Wica realized a new H-O-P-E video. He had the funny idea, that the security council uses Per Kroeghs wall painting as an oracle for their decisions. His video focuses on the Western Papua conflict. Wica┬┤s video talks about the block building of nations in the United Nations. In one of the last meetings, the security council talked about strategies to stop the conflict in West Papua. But China blocked a decision for a UN mission in Western Papua with their veto. The reason is simple: As Indonesia, China is afraid of separation movements, like their own country, as in in Tibet, Taiwan and Northwest China. The block building works the best, if the countries have similar interests, but are not a concurrence in the same business.

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