End of my solo show in 532 Gallery Thomas Jaeckel, New York

Last weekend in New York.
Friday Jan 20
A very interesting afternoon in Nadja’s studio in Long Island. Nadja Verena Marcin is a German performance and video artist working and living in New York. We watched some of her videos .
Dinner with Thomas and Christine Jaeckel from 532 Gallery in a crazy little Indian restaurant.

Saturday Jan 21
Last day of my solo show in 532 Gallery in Chelsea. I met the artists Michelle Jaffé and Laura Gravenstine in my show and showed them around.
And finally Thomas and I deinstalled the show.


Monday Jan 23
I went to see the Chinese New Year celebrations in Chinatown.
Then I deinstalled my sound installation „Etsi omnes ego non“ in the German Consulate. It had been part of an evening about the „Art of Resistance“ on Jan 13 ( see the foto below) and was on view until my departure.

Afterwards I met the curator Guillermo Creus in Williamsburg, showed my work and talked with him about his curatorial projects.

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The conceptual video works and installations explore the conflict between the individual stands and his limitations. I explore the subjective perceiption and thinking and the effort individuals undertake to relate themselves to their surroundings. How do biological and social limitations and rules force us into certain schemes? And what do these schemes look like and how can they change? Connected to this field I am thinking about how we perceive our live, the passing of time and our transience. www.bblauth.de

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