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The German Institut für Auslandsbeziehungen is supporting my art project
H-O-P-E , so i will go to R.D. Congo end of november and to Cambodia in January. And, the Congolese artist Vitshois Mwilambwe Bondo and the Cameroon artist Guy Wouete will be able to join the exhibition UNITED NATIONS REVISITED at Kunstraum Kreuzberg and Galerie M in Berlin next year in fall. This is so great! Yesterday, i spoke with Vitshois on Skype, and i heard the city of Kinshasa in the background, the scooters, cars and children. Africa is calling, and I am happy, but also a little scared: In the time of my travel, elections just have been finnished, so riots could be in the streets. Uiii, Mr. “president” Vitshois, please take care of me… In Kinshasa, Vitshois and i will do some workshops with other artists, musicians etc. related to my project H-O-P-E , on the theme of the United Nations. And i will give some presentations of the Banyan Project

H-O-P-E event in Berlin Moabit, 24. + 25. 9. 2011

H-O-P-E event in Berlin Moabit

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I make films, performances, installations, drawings and objects. Since 2001 I work on participatory art projects where children, young people and adults, artists and specialists in various fields are involved into the artistic production. Exhibitions, screenings, lectures and workshops worldwide.

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