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Since November 2010 I write articles in this blog. Almost every day I get comments. Unfortunately, it is always advertising from stupit robots. But some days ago it became another quality, one robot got really on my nervs, because I got hundreds of emails in two days, offering me to buy drugs (opiates, which makes addictive) without prescription. What a stupid harassment, what a terrible idea. Maybe someone is thinking, people can bear the German summer only with drugs??? For my friend Alfred, this German summer is a  „temporary rainy season“.

Rainy day on the sea bridge in Binz/Ruegen (Baltic Sea)

We went to the Baltic Sea to visit some friends. Most of the time, we spent together in their house, because of really bad weather, cold, windy an very rainy. I felt sorry about all the campers around, this cirumstances must be really terrible. So, the longing for another real summertime grew up in my mind, and I started to make plans for a trip to Indonesia next winter.
Before I visit another country, I always try to prepair myself, for example by reading books to get a first idea about the culture. In a book called „Stories for the hand back: Indonesia“ I found a very nice short story from the famous German writer Hermann Hesse about his trip to Indonesia. It was a big surprise, because I didn´t know that Hesse went to this part of the world, exactly 100 years ago, in 1911. The title of his collection of travelling stories, photos and poems are called „From India“, but actually he never visited India, he went to Malaysia and Indonesia. Maybe, he took this title, because of the name „The East Indian Archipelago“ which includes Malaysia, Indonesia and Philippines. His travelling stories are brilliant, very precise descriptions of the mood in these different places in Asia. And I got the feeling, Asia didn´t change so much. The fascination and the miracles of these strange culture is still keep running for people like me. Travel stories as good as these ones are very rare, and I found thoughts of  my own reflections, again and again.

At the lake, Berlin-Weissensee

I live in Berlin-Weissensee. Near my home is a lake with a public bath and a nice beach bar. We like to go there in the evening to take a bath and have a drink and watch the sunset over Berlin. It is a very unconventional space for all kinds of people, not only for a special “scene”. Babys and grandma´s and all the  people from the neighborhood come together to relax. But in the last months, the people changed. Now, you can listen all kinds of languages here. It seems, someone recommended the place in a famous travel guide. Now, young people from all over the world explore Berlin Weissensee, people from the whole world comes to us now.
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