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Difficult times. Back in Berlin since 12 weeks, i am locked in a loop of bad luck. Christine Falk and I made several applications, trying to build up a structure for our intercultural oriented art + education projects. But we failed. After a longer time of “success”, we lost application by application. How to continue? We have to be even more strategic! Not only creating a cloud of connected sub projects, but develop 20, 30 of them. May one of them work out to be financed. No time to realize these works anymore? Who cares? A little depressed on this grey afternoon, i have the feeling, that the art world is a 4 coulor broschure print on thick paper, porn style.

Beautiful old houses in Berlin City, demolished in 1961.

The exhibition project PATTERN & SIGNS at Kunstverein Tiergarten/Galerie Nord came to an end. 800 visitors, not bad. I was happy to present my CROSSING THE LINE project on a big scale, with multi video screens, projection, hundreds of drawing, loud selfmade music  etc. After doing more conceptional works, THE BANYAN TREE, it was time to return to more poetic and introverted voices. And i feel home with that! Continue.

Right now i am sitting at KREATIVHAUS Mixed Generation House e.V. at Berlin Mitte/Fischerinsel. I got a job to develop something for two projects: TIME TRAVELS, a local history related research by younger and older people. ZEBRA MOBIL 55 +, mostly elder people are in danger in the traffic. Difficult to start. I don´t know anybody, and how is this house working? It seems, that some important people from the former GDR hang around here, now they are 70+. A time travel.

Two days ago i met  Jonny, he is 91, and with 10 years he skaked hands with Charlie Chaplin. His pockets were full of old photos, and he showed me, he shaked a lot of well know hands.  He was working in a circus, the man on the string, later he had an accident and changed to the management. He is a collector of knowledge and pictures of a very different Germany, of vagabunds, artists, gipsies, all what we call the EXOTIC people. I have to make an interview film with him. Or better, an exhibition with his 100 years collection of circus posters!

Going up, going down, Berlin is a nice town to live …

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