Commuting in Berlin

Catching the S bahn/U bahn early this morning to get to Gallery Nord for the start of our workshop reminded me of my ‘commuting to work’ days in London… Glad to not have that as part of my daily routine now; cant wrap my mind around a 9 am – 5 or 6 or 7 pm working environment. Being jetlagged and staying up late and waking at 5 am as I am still on Bangkok time, does not seem to matter. It gets bright very early and stays light till late – the body clock is confused to say the least…

The start of the workshop and what transpired has been great. To me, there is a re confirmation about the power of simple communication. Interactions with the six students  ( 17 and 18 year old) from Menzel-Oberschule has been an intense and gratifying experience. Jerome Ming and I introduced the idea of drawing “lines” in the “space” and the outcomes have given all involved much to think about. Using basic materials – newspaper, 2 rolls of masking tape, a ball of string, and post-it notes, they have filled the space with their particular vision and expressions.

We leave the gallery with all traces in place, to pick up the threads of conversation and interactions again tomorrow. Installing for our actual group show which will open on June 1st is far from my mind – the jostling for space by some artists seems to have already begun. But the workshop and the students’ interactions fill the gallery for now and this is what will stay in my mind for a long time to come.

Looking forward to what tomorrow brings…

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Born in Kampala/Uganda, Varsha Nair lives and works in Bangkok/Thailand. Her solo and collaborative works have been exhibited internationally, including at Buka Jalan Performance event/Kuala Lumpur, Beyond Pressure 2/Rangoon, Asiatopia/Bangkok, Open 10/Beijing, Performance Saga/Basel, Tate Modern/London, National Review of Live Art/Glasgow, Devi Art Foundation/New Delhi, Art In General/New York. She is co organiser of Womanifesto, Thailand and editorial board member of web-art journal Ctrl+P

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