Exploring Brooklyn life with Coco Fusco and little Aurelio

Hi, this is my initial warming up note, a try to feel comfortable posting to this blog.

I’m currently in a small house full of books and cats that belongs to the great artist and my dear friend Coco Fusco in Brooklyn NYC. Before she took her five-and-a-half year old adopted son Aurelio to school this morning and went to work she signed for me her amassing last book “A FIELD GUIDE FOR FEMAIL INTERROGATORS”. She writes in it about the torture with female touch committed by US army, on feminist future. I remember she went throw rigorous trainings to prepare her strong performance “A Room of One’s Own: Women and Power in the New America” (2006). Check it up at: http://www.thing.net/~cocofusco/

These days I was exploring Brooklyn life with Coco and her little Aurelio. I had amassing African-dance course and not-so-hot sauna in the local gym while Coco has been doing exercises on machines for her back on Saturday morning. Aurelio has been staying at that time for 90 min with his school friend that has syndrome of hyperactivity typical for kids here. The precise organization seems to be the crucial thing in stressful daily life of a single mother professional. It seems that the tempo is definitely much more harder than the one I’m having in Berlin with my 3,5 year old. Also here kids of age 5 are requested to obey in school and at home and to fulfill a lot of academic tasks. If not they are considered of having behavior problems.

I spent as well a lot of time in the Prospect and the Hyde Park. Everything’s blossoming after long hard winter. I was meeting up with Majda – lesbian activist from Belgrade that had about 150 treats and attacks in her daily life before she finally decided to come over to NY and apply for political asylum. She is currently walking dogs and sleeps on people’s sofas while the application process is about to begin. Last night I met as well with Boryana Rossa – Bulgarian feminist artist whose Russian husband’s art has been censored in Russia while he’s been prosecuted for producing work that “hurts Orthodox-Christian-church” there. Oleg Mavromatti has no passport since couple of years, is stacked in Bulgaria where his asylum requests have not been processed successfully for 10 years. For more details please visit: http://facthai.wordpress.com/2010/10/28/russia-crucifixion-artist-flees-censorship-bloomberg/

I’ve seen overproduced and bad show of Laurel Nakadate “Only the Lonely” at PS1 and a very good one “The Making of Americans” by Museum of American Art Berlin in James Gallery, Center for Humanities CUNY, 365 Fifth Av at 35th Str.

This was a try to prepare my first blog post before I take a cab to La Guardia airport, from where I’m about to fly to the Duke University, Durham, North Carolina for an exhibition and a conference on Decolonial Aesthetics.

Please send me your comments that will help to continue soon.

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I´m independent interdisciplinary artist based in Berlin, and currently a fellow at the GS of UDK, University of Arts Berlin. I was born in 1972 in Yugoslavia (Serbia), and have studied art in Belgrade and Nantes. I include myself as a character in performances and use diverse media in my artistic researches, thereby examining gender issues, economical and social configurations, and relations of power. I work predominantly from the migrant woman’s perspective, while political positioning, humour and integration of the recipient define the approach in my work. I presented my work in a large number of important international exhibitions and at performance venues and festivals, and have given lectures at universities and academic conferences around Europe and in Americas. My last solo exhibitions were: "Tanja Ostojic: Body, Politics, Agency.." at Škuc Gallery, Ljubljana, Slovenia, (2012) and "Integration Impossible? Politics of Migration in the Artwork of Tanja Ostojić" in Kunstpavillon, Innsbruck, Austria. My work is being exhibited currently at "ECONOMY" CCA Glasgow and "The Present and Presence", MSUM, Museum of Contemporary Art, Ljubljana. It was recently show as well at: MMCA Thessalonica, Greece; "Decolonial Aesthetics" at Fredric Jemson Gallery and Nasher Museum of Art, Duke University Durham NC USA; "Gateways: Art and Networked Culture" at the Kumu Art Museum, Tallinn, Estonia and "Call the Wittnes" Roma Pavilion, Venice Biennale 2011. I published a book entitled "Integration Impossible? The Politics of Migration in the Artwork of Tanja Ostojić", M. Gržinić and T. Ostojić eds., argobooks, Berlin 2009. http://www.van.at/see/tanja/ http://gs.udk-berlin.de/stipendiaten/tanja-ostojic/

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