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Into the wild: part I

Its quite so-real how plants, creatures, corals and anything else seen undersea can naturally be in such vibrant psychedelic marker colors, seems almost chemical the extreme glowing of the riffs of Palawan. it´s so beautiful. 5 days expedition out into the heart of the … Continue reading …

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Kolkata, my first contact with India

We rented a yellow taxi with open windows and went direction Howrah Train Station. In the first minutes I realised: everybody who drives around has a horn and has to use it. At the beginning the ride was fast, but … Continue reading …

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Between two exhibitions

At 7 February 2011 we took down the exhibition „Pattern & Signs“ in the Jamjuree Art Gallery in Bangkok. The Thai artist Surachai Ekpalakorn (and also co-director of Jamjuree Art Gallery) dropped in for few minutes. At the whole time … Continue reading …

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printing maps

Preparing to go to Kuala Lumpur this thursday for the BUKA JALAN performance event where I will be presenting a work and a talk. Buka means ‘open’ and Jalan means ‘road’ in Bahasa Malaysia, and it presents yet another … Continue reading …

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Giants’ Ken Tisch hope this Odell Beckham Junior. -Josh Gary feud has expired

Attitudes flared all over again concerning The big boys wideout Odell Beckham Junior. in addition to Panthers cornerback Josh Gary a couple weeks ago. Although The big boys co-owner Ken Tisch is usually beneficial contentment is usually Buffalo Bills en … Continue reading …

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… transitions

This morning, before Doris departs for Krabi I relate to her part of a dream I had in my waking moments. .. I was on an airplane and a few seats ahead, a woman stood talking softly in the aisle… … Continue reading …

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Sitting at the Air Asia Shop near Kosan Road. “Can we extend our luggage to India, from 15 kg to 20 kg? How mutch does it cost?”  Depending on this, we can start to design the next BANYAN TREE exhibition … Continue reading …

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Exhibition “Pattern & Signs”

Back in Bangkok we prepaired a lot of stuff for the architecture and design of the exhibition „Pattern  & Signs“.

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