Back home in Berlin

We and our lugguage arrived well after almost 15 hours flight distance. I made 12 oil paintings and 2 photo series in Japan. After set down the exhibition I reframed all paintings, rolled and packed them in a golf case. This is a very good and easy way to transport paintings in an easy private context.

Grey weather and short days make it difficult to overcome the jetlag. I got a lot of paperwork on my desk during my journey and have to finish stuff about Banyan Workshops in August/September 2010…a lot to do.

"My Global Life" Banyan Workshop in Berlin Neukölln August 2010

In the lugguage I find many nice presents by people from Tone-Town. This reminds me to many nice meetings and situations. But some of the best impressions for me were the workshops, and the talkings about culture of the ancestors. Especially people around the 60ths are deep involved in their culture. They go to teachings about kalligraphie, pottery, traditional designs, origami, painting, sewing traditional fortune signs etc.

Workshop for bamboo toys in connection with ARTONE exhibition

We met an artist who earns his money with temple restaurations. His workshop was about how to make dust wheeper with traditional material. If you look carefully, you can find a lot of japanese culture and Zen in the daily life.

Mika-san invited us to a traditional tea ceremony

I found very nice comments in my exhibition guest book. People sayed thank you that I reminded them to the beauty of japanese culture.

autumn colors started middle of november in Tone town

For me traveling has a lot to do with curiosity, astonishment and perception. Before I start my journey into a foreign country I have a lot of  pictures and klischees in my mind. But when I arrive everything is different from my imaginations. This culture differences between the media influenced pictures and the reality are very interesting for me.

road works and pink rabbits in Tone town

I like to ask people about there imaginations about Germany. This is a kind of cultural research for me. When I asked about Germany people wrote about autobahn, saussage, Schwanstein castle and Heidelberg, Mercedes, Michael Schumacher, 9. Sinfonie….

I´m a painter I grew up in East Germany. When i was born, the wall between west- und east germany just was build. My longing to see the world grew up year by year. When the wall falled down, nobody expected it, it was a big surprise and the miracle of my life. My two biggest wishes got true: to study art and to see the world.

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Mainly I´m a painter, but sometimes I also make photographie, concepts and installations. My paintings are dominated by stripes, grids, structures, lines and monocrome colourfields. I paint houses, windows, roofs, fences, meadows...details of landscapes and urban landscapes. I´m looking always for the atmosphere of the surrounding. . And I´m an organizer of international culture exchange projects:

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