Tone-Town, Japan

From left: Mr. Ono San, co-organisator of ARTONE exhibition, Christine Falk, Mr. Toyama San, mayor of Tone-Town, me, Maiko Sugano San, co-organisator of Artone + director of Yomoyama-So. As a present, we give an artwork to Mr. Toyama San.

The last day at YOMOYAMA-SO in Japan, an artist residency 60 km north-east of Tokyo, at the end of the sub-urban belt. Here i could work on my new project “Crossing the Line”: Yesterday was the last day of ARTONE, an exhibition of 20 artists and other local creatives and activists from the area.

Some kids from Tone-Town like my installation "Crossing the Line"

Since days, Christine Falk and I were invited to dinner parties with many people. And this evening another one will come, but we are inviting: for a german soup, at YOMOYAMA-SO, a former farming house, 300 years old. From the first time i saw the house, I compared it with the CASTLE IN THE SPIDER WEB FOREST, title of an old Kurasawa movie. But first, we have to set down the exhibition, packing and so on … Later on, more infos!

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