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Misplaced Women? on train station in Marseille, France

La Grand Escalier de la Gare du Saint Charles a Marseille, September 20, 2013 “Misplaced Women?” performance by Tanja Ostojic With the participation of: Jane Kay Park, Emma-Edvige Ungaro, Alix Denambride, Kim Mc Cafferty, Robyn Hambrook, Helen Averley Patricia Verity … Continue reading …

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Misplaced Women? on international airports

In the past years I´ve done several performances on arrival terminals of international airports in Europe in the frame of my “Misplaced Women?” ongoing delegated performance series. I would like to share some of the related notes and images with … Continue reading …

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Time Is Running

I visited studios of artist friends and artists I got in contact with this time. I go to the museum shows, still didn’t make it to the galleries, eat every second day Dim Sum for breakfast and sleep every night … Continue reading …

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Georgetown Penang, time machine into old Asia

Walking under the arcades of Georgetown I didn´t know that a place like this still exist in this world.

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Exhibition “Exotika 2013” in Nakhon Pathom / Thailand

Together with Alfred Banze I realized the first part of the international exhibition and culture exchange project „Exotika 2013“ in January/February 2013. It takes place at Silpakorn Art Lab / Sanam Chandra Art Gallery in greater Bangkok Nakhon Pathom. This … Continue reading …

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A sparkling up-beat

I must confess, that I totally struggled with my writing on the transits (residencies) of last year. In late august 2012, Christine gave me an account and I was supposed to start reporting immediately. At that time, I was Artist-in-Residence … Continue reading …

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Visas and troubles with mobility and administration

Any experts in UK visas? I wonder if a regular visitor-artist visa for six months includes multi entrance…? In the on-line application form they don´t give an option for more then one entrance, even applicant has to answer about 183 … Continue reading …

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New Website is online

As always, it took more time than I thought. But now my new website is online. There are much more videos to see, diashows etc.. And I worked on my presentation on Vimeo:  

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Norway: Department of Non-Communication

As much of my work is based on scientific research I have been in contact with many different research institutes over the last years. I have received a lot of support but even when they could not help me I … Continue reading …

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Norway: Fedje

On February 8th I made a trip to Fedje, an Island north of Hernar. Although you can see Fedje’s light house from Hernar, the route there by bus is in the opposite direction – it takes about 2 hours and … Continue reading …

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