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I make films, performances, installations, drawings and objects. Since 2001 I work on participatory art projects where children, young people and adults, artists and specialists in various fields are involved into the artistic production. Exhibitions, screenings, lectures and workshops worldwide.


Sitting at the Air Asia Shop near Kosan Road. “Can we extend our luggage to India, from 15 kg to 20 kg? How mutch does it cost?”  Depending on this, we can start to design the next BANYAN TREE exhibition … Continue reading …

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Reasons for traveling?

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In Transit

Snow in Berlin, all the trains and busses have very long delays. Tommorow i will leave for Bangkok, into the heat again. In the last week, i gave a presentation of the BANYAN PROJECT at the UDK, the philosopher Reinhard … Continue reading …

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Tone-Town, Japan

The last day at YOMOYAMA-SO in Japan, an artist residency 60 km north-east of Tokyo, at the end of the sub-urban belt. Here i could work on my new project “Crossing the Line”: Yesterday was the last day … Continue reading …

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