Finland: Complex thoughts in a basic daily life style

Half of the residency time here at Saari is over now. And it is like always: it feels short and long at the same time. Apart from our island hopping trip in the first week and our weekly shopping trip to the nearby village, I haven’t left our island in 4 weeks now – or only to walk or bike on the frozen bay. I want to go to Turku, Finland’s old capital and only about 30 km away at some point but until now, I have much appreciated the opportunity to do not much more than sleep, eat and work (maybe not in that order…) – and chat with the others over coffee or dinner and have sauna occasionally of here to stand on the frozen bay… (then click and drag to turn)

Work is going at a slow pace, and I sometimes wish it would go faster. But then I think that at any other place, less quiet than here, I might not make any real progress at all. It is all still a lot of research and I am into complexity and complex adatptive systems right now – a complex subject indeed. It applies to many fields like our society and economics but of course I came to be interested in it because biological cells are considered to be such complex systems as well. Trying to grasp complexity and related phenomena as self-oranization or emergence isn’t easy; and even when I get an idea of their nature I wonder how to visualize them in a non-trivial way. I started incorporationg text and simple black and white graphical elements as I somehow think inherent complexity should be met with visual simplicity that could then maybe start complex processes in our mind… Well, we’ll see.

my workspace in the farmhand cottage


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Rona Rangsch studied physics at the Universities of Cologne and Saarbrücken where she graduated in 1996. After scientific research activities at several renowned institutions she made physics her hobby to start a carreer as a media artist. She was trained in multimedia design at ca-medien.colleg Essen and attended Kunstakademie Düsseldorf as a guest student. Rona was awarded a number of international residency and research grants. Besides exhibiting her own work in Germany and abroad she co-curates the exhibition and residency programs of Künstlerhaus Dortmund where she is a member since 2003. (

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