Exhibition “Exotika 2013” in Nakhon Pathom / Thailand

Together with Alfred Banze I realized the first part of the international exhibition and culture exchange project „Exotika 2013“ in January/February 2013. It takes place at Silpakorn Art Lab / Sanam Chandra Art Gallery in greater Bangkok Nakhon Pathom. This was based on an invitation of Prof. Amrit Chusuwan, Art Director of the Silapakorn University.

Exhibition space Saman Chandra Art Gallery

The second part will take place in Berlin at Galerie Nord and Galerie M.

Entrace of the exhibition with an installation by Skall in front

We selected 14 international art positions and 6 art works by Silpakorn University graduates. Nakon Pathom is a small University town around 50 km west of Bangkok. Director of the Sanam Chandra Art  Gallery is the artist Sakarin Krue On.  In middle of January we had speaches and workshops with art students during the preparation of the exhibition.

"Art Talk", students continue drawings of Veronika Radulovic in a workshop


In another workshop the students created the title with different material

The artists Skall / France, Andreas Dettloff / Tahiti and Mu Yunbai / China joined us during the set up and workshop period.

Performance workshop with Skall

Sometimes we met the Thai artists JiandYin, Amrit Chusuwan and Sakarin Krue On. It was a nice time. I guess, every artist got new impressions and experiences. The very helpfull compagnions of the artists, in Mu´s case the artist and  translator Li Lisha also appreciated this creative and powerful time. Skall and Andreas Dettloff developed new artworks related to the Thai culture.

"Wild life", object by Skall

"Thai Tiki", an object by Andreas Dettloff

Sometimes it was hard to manage everything in our expectations of quality. I realized, that the way of dealing to create an exhibition is very different in Thailand and Germany. In Thailand the artists mostly have assistents who realize the set up of the artworks and make a concept in advance. Our way is to play around with the space and the artworks, to experiment with the location, to create a good and balanced exhibition. We were informed, that the staff of the gallery will make the exhibition set up, but at the end we did a lot of work by ourself, because the staff had not enough knowlegde about these art works and also language problems. The exhibition space is very huge, around 4.000 squaremeter. One week before the opening some areas were still blocked with the exhibition before, this continued partly until 3 days before the opening.

Exhibition space with drawings by Veronika Radulovic (right wall) and Mu Yunbai (behind)

To get some of the art works very short before the opening was another difficulty. So I became very nervous after a while. Of course, we got a lot of help from Sakarin Krue On and his staff, but always we had a time problem. At the end we finished just in time but with a lot of tense…., it is not so easy as the Thai promised.

Multi media artwork by Prasert Yodkaew

Installation by Alfred Banze

some of my paintings

The opening was great, we cutted the band with the president of Silapakorn University, Mr. Ajarn Chaichan Thavaravej, after an amazing performance by Skall and another one by Silpakorn art students who joined Skall´s workshop.

Performance by Skall

Performance by students of Silapakorn University

Cutting of the ribbon

For more informations : www.exotika2013.de

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