Malenge Island

5. 2. 2012, Malenge Island
Thinking about the H-O-P-E installation. Flash is a good solution for programing the interactivity. I started to built a screen navigation with a kind of flashlight or x-ray effect of the 1:1 reproduction of Per Kroegs UN wall painting. The final video projection will be presented on a huge piece of paper, taped together with hundreds of small drawings, interpretating the painting in black and white outlines, also containing handwritten comments, infos on the selectable video clips etc. The videos will be projected on this paper screen.

9. 2. 2012, Malenge Island
Sitting in front of our beach bungalow, waiting for breakfast. I woke up with the same sound like on a normal working day in Berlin, it came from a traveller watch, getting us out of bed for another snorkeling tour. In front of the beach, around a small island is a village by the Bau people, former sea gypsies, nomads. The government pushed them to settle down in permanent villages. I think, mainly to break their culture. As a governments present  to the Bau people, two of the villages got connected by a very long wooden bridge. And today, this bridge is an icon for the Bau culture, published in every tourist brochure. One of the UNESCO´s most important activity fields is the protection of cultural heritage, especially of immaterial worths. But I see the UNESCO´s activities only, when I visit tourist destinations like Angkor Wat, the historical cities of Venice or Lijiang etc. I would like to see them more in protecting minorities against their centralistic governments. Is the UNESCO only a tax paid research group for the international tourist industry?

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