Good day in Chelsea galleries

It was a wonderful day. I visited Petros Chrisostomou (based in London) in his studio in Long Island. We went to Chelsea to see some gallery shows. Peter Gregorio – a New York artist, my studio neighbour at the ISCP one year ago – joined us. We started on 20th Street and worked our way up ending on my current solo show at 532 Gallery. Peter and Petros stayed in Chelsea for the openings. I went back to Harlem to have a goodbye dinner with my roommate Michele Brody, an artist creating plant installations.

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About Birthe Blauth

The conceptual video works and installations explore the conflict between the individual stands and his limitations. I explore the subjective perceiption and thinking and the effort individuals undertake to relate themselves to their surroundings. How do biological and social limitations and rules force us into certain schemes? And what do these schemes look like and how can they change? Connected to this field I am thinking about how we perceive our live, the passing of time and our transience.

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