Canada: On contemplation and collective achievement

I am back in Pouch Cove for a couple of days. And walking along the East Coast Trail to the South and North of town I realize another difference between the residency here in 2007 and the one in Terra Nova Park: Here, the absolutely amazing and wild nature is just a few minutes walk away, whereas in Terra Nova one had to go out by boat or drive a while until one would find such places… I believe that the knowledge of having these natural beauties just around the corner influences the way of thinking and working even when sitting inside at the computer. Moreover one can leave the desk at any time and go to have a look from the cliffs onto the sea to free one’s mind… This is when contemplation has a chance to arise.

The coast just north of Pouch Cove

But contemplation is not everything: At Terra Nova Park, the support of the staff enabled me to realize work that I could not have just done on my own. It has a special quality as it is the result of a collective effort. Perfect would be to have both: Time and occasion for contemplation as well as the option of specific, collective support – in Pouch Cove I had the first but not the latter…

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Rona Rangsch studied physics at the Universities of Cologne and Saarbrücken where she graduated in 1996. After scientific research activities at several renowned institutions she made physics her hobby to start a carreer as a media artist. She was trained in multimedia design at ca-medien.colleg Essen and attended Kunstakademie Düsseldorf as a guest student. Rona was awarded a number of international residency and research grants. Besides exhibiting her own work in Germany and abroad she co-curates the exhibition and residency programs of Künstlerhaus Dortmund where she is a member since 2003. (

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