H-O-P-E in Moabit

The show goes on in Moabit. After some time of preperations, my next project
H-O-P-E will come to another level. On 24/25 september, an art event in public space in front of Heilandskirche, Turmstrasse in Moabit will happen. A live TV station tent will broadcast from the “United Nations of Moabit”. I just got a small local found for this…

After a first short video, made in Thailand last winter, this will be a second module of a video installation, in preparation for an exhibition takes place in Berlin next year: UNITED NATIONS REVISITED. I hope, i can realize more modules for this, at least 20, in other areas of Berlin, and, as useally for me, in other parts the world, too. I just have sended an application to the German Institut für Auslandsbeziehungen, one of the few institutions for financial support of trans-national art projects in Germany.
I am full of H-O-P-E , that this application works out, bringing me to Cameroon, R.D. Congo and Cambodia; and bringing the Cameroon artist Guy Wouete and the Congolese artist Vitshois Mwilambwe-Bondo to Berlin!

H-O-P-E  is an interactive video installation, it is inspired by a mural painting inside the UN Security Council conference hall, painted in 1950 by the Norwegian artist Per Krogh. It will be produced while several workshops with young people, in Asia, Africa, America, and in Berlin. H-O-P-E is looking for visions and opinions about the United Nations of people from most different cultural backgrounds. The United Nations today, can they bind the hope in peace for everybody? How can young people better identify with the United Nations as a global instrument for peace, human rights, and social progresses?

I just strated a new website about it: www.unitednationshope.wordpress.com

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