24.6.2011 The international art project „Pattern & Signs“ is slowly going to an end. Yesterday we had an artists talk in the Gallery Nord with a presentation of the last workshop result and an event with „Kopi Kaputa“, an experimental performance of Alfred Banze and Matthias Schellenberger.

Artists talk in the Gallery Nord

Two weeks ago Lisha left Berlin and went back to Beijing. We missed her and the other international artists who joined our first two events. Li Lisha is well at home, she also had international guests from USA after coming back. Probably she will move to Shanghai next month for a new job. I´m very curious about her new job. She is very active to check residencies in China for us. And actually I would like to go to China again for a residency with artists exchange, workshops and in a connection with chinese art and culture.

Li Lisha

But now I have to organize other projects and also my personal upcoming exhibitions. And I have to tide up all my material from the last journey, hundreds of photos have to be checked and also video material. I just start to learn video cutting, an idea is coming up to make a new form of presentation about my experiences.

This summer we will get some Berlin visitors we met „on the road“ in the last years, people with crazy lifes like Hans, a german guy who lives with his wife on Bora Bora and Gilda, a painter we met on Fiji Islands, but she moved to Korea some months ago.

And I enjoy the german summer.

Cherries from the tree are the best...

26.6.2011 Today I watched my photo material I brought back from the last journey. It is always amazing to see the photos after some time. All disadvantages, difficulties and bad experiences  disappeared after a while. It is comfortabel to sit in a nice clean room at home without noise, dust, heat, moskitos and without sickness. There are beautifull pictures which makes me dream and boosts my longing for a next journey,  to see the beautiness of the world and meet people from other cultures.

...let´s see where the feets will go

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Mainly I´m a painter, but sometimes I also make photographie, concepts and installations. My paintings are dominated by stripes, grids, structures, lines and monocrome colourfields. I paint houses, windows, roofs, fences, meadows...details of landscapes and urban landscapes. I´m looking always for the atmosphere of the surrounding. . And I´m an organizer of international culture exchange projects:

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