Happy New Year, Thailand

When I was sitting in an taxi to the Bangkok airport, I asked myself, if I will arrive safe and well at home. The taxi driver was very strange, driving very fast and screeming „Happy, happy, New Year, Songkran…“ and he was singing and whisseling very loud. We didn´t know, if he took some drugs, or if this is his personality. During our journey through Thailand, India and China, we had some  situations with crazy drivers or delicate situations on the streets. But at the end we luckily arrived well at home.


Our last days in Thailand where fixed on Songkran, the Thai New Year. It is a huge water festival and a kind of funny time like carneval.


Many people go out with water guns, others drive around on cars with big bowls of water and trough it on people, others use tubes from their houses. I saw an old grandma running around with a colourfull water gun, and a taxi driver, waiting at a crossing for the green light, taking a watergun, opens his window and shoot on the waiting motorcicles. We also had fun in this situation, we visited an evening event with pop music and enjoyed everybodies happiness.


In the morning of our last day in Bangkok, we sneeked out of the „dangerous“ wet area around Kao San Road, to take care of our electronic equipment for the exhibitions, packed in our lugguage. We visited Varsha Nair in her home, enjoyed her hospitality, had many talks about her art and the upcoming exhibition project in Berlin. So it was a very very nice last day of or journey.

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