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Malaysian photo competition, 2nd prize

BKK Airport. In transit, Mozarella Sandwich Aircon. Thinking of India, beloved India. Again and again, I have so mutch smpathy for this overwhelming country of many ethnic groups, religions and cultural diversity. But why I am so tired of it? Thinking of the eyes of the beggars, the eyes of the street kids, of the riksha drivers, the guys at the shops. Dog eyes, I think, beggaring dog eyes: Help me, please, give me something, something more. But not only these poorest people have these eyes, i saw them also in the faces of the rich, of the decision makers, leaders: Please understand, please help, please give me something, more. It looks like, the whole Indian society is built on these dog eyes. In Berlin, we had an interesting article in the news some months ago, about the Berliner Tafel: The Berlin homeless people getting food left overs by the cities top restaurants. This seems to be a nice action, but the article warned: As more, the social system is cut down, as more these kind of charitable projects get more important, get more visibility in the medias. The social system is getting replaced by the charity of the rich. VIP events show the media stars giving sweets to the poor. These poor people have to make dog eyes to get help.

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