In Transit

Snow in Berlin, all the trains and busses have very long delays. Tommorow i will leave for Bangkok, into the heat again. In the last week, i gave a presentation of the BANYAN PROJECT at the UDK, the philosopher Reinhard Knodt invited me as a guest to his seminar “A philosophy of colonial thinking”. In Chemnitz i set up my new installation CROSSING THE LINE, as a part of the exhibition GULLIVERS SIXT TRAVEL, at Sächsische Galerie Chemnitz. At the moment i am sitting at Scotty Enterprises e.V., a small artspace in Kreuzberg, run by a group of 17 Berlin based artists. Being in transit is, if you cannot discripe all the places and atmospheres any more, without sounding superficial and arrogant. It is time for me for a change again, i need a phase of reflections. Since 1999 i am traveling a lot, a couple of months every year, and i work and present my work, where ever i am. In a way, i have two lifes, one at home in Berlin, making art projects, education projects, making jobs and money, doing applications – and the other times, i am “on the road”, making art projects, education projects, developing concepts … and getting introverted like a young artist, who have all the time of this world. Yes, i got adicted to this existenz out of the suitcase, having only the most necessary things with me, some pens and brushes, colours, a laptop and my headphones. It is great to make workshops and exhibitions somewhere else, meeting all this wonderfull people on the way. In my best moments, i feel like a squirrel on the fence, able to jump on this or on that side of the fence. In that moments, i feel i have found my place in the society.

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About Alfred Banze

I make films, performances, installations, drawings and objects. Since 2001 I work on participatory art projects where children, young people and adults, artists and specialists in various fields are involved into the artistic production. Exhibitions, screenings, lectures and workshops worldwide.

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